I spent the last one and a half days in Herrsching near Munich together with a motivated group of PhD candidates to attend the first part of the ProLehre compact course (see here for the kickoff post).

The topic was concepts for teaching and learning. The special fact about the whole course is that it is focused on teaching in mathematics.

We learned about formulating aims in teaching maths with the so-called adapted taxonomy for mathematics designed by Rudolf Aichner and Dr. Emil Ratko-Dehnert (both ProLehre) which were both giving the course together with their colleague Dr. Vanessa Krummeck from the TUM math department.

How to create a certain dramaturgy in a class with the ARIVA approach was also topic of our discussions, as well as discussing within small groups how to overcome one’s personal challenges in class.

In summary, I really enjoyed the time being there and exchanging opinions and ideas with my colleagues being in similar situations like me. Thanks to all of them!