My supervisor Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth asked me if I like to fly to Barcelona with her for two days for a kickoff of a recently granted EU research project. Of course, I like!

Logo ExaQUte

We spent June 26 and 27 in Barcelona at CIMNE to take part at presentations and discussions to kickoff the project ExaQUte (Exa-scale Q-uantification of U-ncertainties for Te-chnology and Science Simulation). The aim of the project is to combine techniques for adaptive mesh refinement and uncertainty propagation tackled with Multi Level Monte Carlo (MLMC). Also, the scope lies on exascale computing meaning that all algorithms are supposed to run in parallel massively.

It will be crucial whether and how we can find a good way to combine different ideas from different fields. On the one hand, there are some more theoretical results and aspects, on the other hand, they have now to be applied to real world problems which is highly nontrivial in general. Also, many institutions and nationalities are taking part in this project making it even more important to find well-suited communication strategies.