Recently, I was invited to give a talk for a group in the Department of Statistics of Lund University. Lund is a small but pretty town in South Sweden near Copenhagen, Denmark. Since I spent a whole week there, it was possible to have nice in-depth discussions with scientists there about statistical perspectives on problems of my interest. My talk was about active subspaces in Bayesian inverse problems and I basically reported about my recent experience with it, theoretically and for a hydrological application described in this post.

It took me nearly 14.5 hours to come to Lund by train. However, the journey was very comfortable, calm, and I managed to get something done productively (indeed, I can recommend to ride the train if you want to work focusedly). Also, comparing landscapes and architectures of different countries (Germany, Denmark, and Sweden) was quite enjoyable.

I really enjoyed my time in Lund and hope to come back for some more research discussions and Swedish culture this summer.

P.S. The image shows a small alley my accommodation was located at. Alleys of this kind are very typical for Lund.