Last Wednesday on May 16th I attended the second part of this semester’s ProLehre compact course (see kickoff and part I).

This time we spoke about presentation and communication the whole day. It was Pit Forster (Forum Momentum, and Vanessa Krummeck (TUM), who trained us.

We not only discussed certain techniques for breathing but also talked on how to relax spontaneously in an exciting moment like a presentation in front of a big audience. We also practiced a lot, e.g. with 7 minute presentations on an arbitrarly chosen topic or standing in front of the whole group and wait until we felt ready to say “I am here!”.

Our trainers did a great job. They really know what they are talking about! Also, it was very funny with Pit, who has a wonderful humour talking about Pete Sampras and making silly facial expressions at the same time :).

Thanks to the group and the coaches for that exciting and productive day! Looking forward to part III!