Two days ago, on Thursday, June 21st, the third part of the ProLehre compact course took place in the math department at Garching (see also posts for previous parts: kickoff, part I and part II).

Our two teachers Rudolf Aichner (ProLehre) and Dr. Vanessa Krummeck (TUM) prepared a dayfilling workshop on Testing. The day comprised questions like

  • What is an exam?
  • What is a good exam?
  • How can you construct good exercise sheets?

Also, we discussed briefly what type of legal matters can occur within an examination procedure.

Since all that stuff can be uninspiring to a certain degree, our teachers decided to discuss some “real world” exercises that we as participants could bring with us. Everyone identified his example as successful or not and had also to reason on that.

In the afternoon, we were given a talk by Dr. Christian Ludwig (TUM) who is a very experienced and passionate lecturer in the math department. He gave some insight in his daily work and presented many examples of good questions for exams and exercise sheets.

Unfortunately, the next part (IV) is already the last one comprising reflection as a teacher and supervising students. I am looking forward to it!