Last Thursday, July 6th, I was visited during one of my tutorial sessions by two teachers of this semester’s ProLehre compact course (see posts for kickoff, part I, part II and part III).

Dr. Emil Ratko-Dehnert (ProLehre) and Dr. Vanessa Krummeck (TUM) were coming to my tutorial in the morning to watch me teaching and to make some notes for a feedback afterwards.

I was feeling quite comfortable the whole tutorial, although I got a bit nervous at the beginning. I think that the exercise sheet discussed was almost perfect for having a good tutorial. The exercises were not too hard but fairly tricky at some points. Also we did not have problems with the time available.

The subsequent feedback session was very pleasant. We had a productive chat, even though we were laughing a lot. Overall, the feedback was quite good meaning that I did a good job as a teacher most of the time. Emil and Vanessa both mentioned some possibilities for improvement, but fortunately these were only minor. I can improve the communication with students if I become clearer in my statements and in requesting students for active participation.

I would like to thank both of them once again for their time and effort they spent for consulting and giving feedback. Thanks!

I am already looking forward to the last part of the compact course which will take place on Tuesday, July 24th.